Complex Litigation and Human Rights


At both, national and international levels, complex litigation with multiple interested parties can define what affects the lives of individuals, communities, companies and governments. These processes impact people and communities and can change a state’s performance and corporation’s interests on a project or development..

At SOUTHERN LIGHTS GROUP, we help our clients to prevent these conflicts, or when they arise, defend our clients’ interests in innovative ways, transforming critical issues nto opportunities.


Strategic consultancy on business and human rights


The business world is increasingly recognizing the value of respecting human rights. Issues related to a corporation’s obligation to respect human rights, expansion of new corporate responsibilities and a renewed wider way to comprehend good business practices are being critically considered.

At SOUTHERN LIGHTS GROUP we guide companies in their quest to improve their respect for human rights, preventing harm to people and maximizing their positive contribution to society. In order to do this, we help our clients achieve reliable and constructive decision making processes based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of international standards and their corporate implications.

At SOUTHERN LIGHTS GROUP we are proud of being pioneers in the practice of preventive counseling and impact evaluation on human rights. We advise our clients to fulfill with excellence the challenges that human rights culture prevails.


Corporate water strategies and training

SOUTHERN LIGHTS GROUP (SLG) specializes in helping companies worldwide: (1) manage emerging water-related risks and (2) become water stewards in the communities and river basins they operate in. Environmentally and socially responsible corporate water management is no longer only a moral responsibility for companies. It is also an integral part of ensuring business viability and reducing business risk, and part of the corporate duty to respect human rights in the context of the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”. By managing their relationship with water, companies can:

  • Ensure their local legal or social license to operate;
  • Prevent that inadequate supply or quality of water cause operational crisis;
  • Maintain investor and market confidence that business operations will continue to be profitable by ensuring water availability for both operations and supply chains;
  • Uphold corporate values by contributing to the well-being of watersheds, ecosystems, and communities;
  • Comply with corporate duty to respect human rights provisions of the United Nations ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ Framework for Business and Human Rights; and
  • Gain competitive advantage due to stakeholder and consumer perceptions that the company uses natural resources responsibly with minimal impacts on communities or ecosystems.

SOUTHERN LIGHTS GROUP (SLG) assists businesses by: (1) developing corporate water strategies, and (2) training employees to build internal capacity for companies to identify, manage and respond to water risks on and ongoing basis.


  • Design and development of company water profiles
  • Evaluations of exposure to water risks globally
  • Determine key water metrics and required data
  • Identification of water risks and opportunities
  • Response plans and targets to improve water use, minimize risks, and reduce impacts
  • Corporate water disclosure
  • Corporate water stewardship and stakeholder engagement
  • Assess, prevent and manage human rights impacts related to water


  • Corporate water stewardship
  • Corporate water management & strategy
  • The human right to water and the private sector
  • Publicly available tools and guidelines to support corporate water management